There are technological parks in the city of Cali, Colombia, how many are there and is good place to work remote?

In the city of Cali, Colombia, there are several technological parks that stand out for their focus on innovation and technological development.

  • Parquessoft: It is one of the most recognized in Cali, focusing on the ICT industry (information and communication technologies). This entrepreneurship ecosystem offers technological services and solutions, supporting entrepreneurs and companies in their development and consolidation. In addition, Parquessoft is known for its technical and professional training, adapting to the needs of the local and global labor market.
  • Zonamerica: although originally located in Montevideo, Uruguay, Zonamerica has also established a Cali headquarters. This technology park provides an advanced infrastructure and tax advantages, creating an environment conducive to technology and global services.
  • CENIT (Innovation and Technology Center of Valle del Cauca): This is another technology park in the region, which aims to promote regional innovation and competitiveness through the interaction between companies and actors generating knowledge and technology in Cali.

The question is whether each of these technological parks are good for remote work.

We start with ParqueSoft.

Parquessoft in Cali can be an excellent place to work remotely for several reasons:

  • Technological infrastructure: Parquessoft offers a robust and modern infrastructure, specifically designed for technology companies. This ensures an environment with rapid and stable Internet connections, essential for remote work.
  • Community and Networking: Being an entrepreneurship and technology hub, Parquessoft brings together professionals and companies from various areas of the ICT sector. This community facilitates networking, collaboration and knowledge exchange, which can be very beneficial for remote workers.
  • Services and amenities: Parquessoft provides a wide range of services ranging from technical and professional training to business advice and development of technological solutions. These services can be very useful for professionals who seek to improve their skills and grow professionally.
  • Flexibility and support for entrepreneurship: Parquessoft is known for its support for entrepreneurship and startups. If you are an entrepreneur or work for an emerging company, this environment can offer the support and resources necessary for the growth of your project or business.
    Here we are also showing in Zonamerica if it is a good place to work remote.

Zonamerica in Cali, Colombia, is an excellent option to work remotely for several reasons:

  • Advanced infrastructure: Zonamerica offers a world -class infrastructure, with modern offices equipped with cutting -edge technology and high quality telecommunications services. This is essential to ensure a quick and stable Internet connection, essential for efficient remote work.
  • Fiscal and regulatory benefits: Being a free zone, Zonamerica provides significant tax advantages and a favorable regulatory environment for companies. This attracts a variety of technological companies and global services, creating a dynamic ecosystem full of opportunities.
  • Business community: Zonamerica houses many international and national companies, creating a vibrant and collaborative environment. The possibility of interacting with professionals from various industries can enrich work experience and open doors to new networking and collaboration opportunities.
  • Quality of life: Cali is known for its quality of life, pleasant climate and relatively low cost of living compared to other large cities. This can significantly improve the experience of working remotely, making everyday life something more comfortable and accessible.
  • Services and amenities: Zonamerica provides a wide range of services and amenities, including rest areas, coffee shops, green spaces and business support services, which contributes to a comfortable and productive work environment.

Cenit is developing and seeing how you can work remote.

CEIT, located in the San Fernando Innovation Technology Park in Cali, can be a promising option to work remotely.

San Fernando Park is in the process of construction and is expected to be completed in early 2024.

This park is designed to be an innovation, education, and technology center, offering an environment that can be very beneficial for remote workers.

The park will include a digital innovation center, a technology museum, a science center, and an performative arts center, among other facilities.

In addition, an environment is created conducive to work and creativity, with spaces dedicated to science and technology, which can be ideal for those who seek a stimulating environment for remote work.

If your work requires access to technological resources and a collaborative environment, Cenit in San Fernando Park can be an excellent option and will be built at the end of 2024.

So if you are interested in working remote in Cali, you can work remote in these companies.

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