Profit of self -published books in demand in Colombia.

It is a study that we are doing because we already have a self -published book on the Publishing Authors page.

Seeing our statistics since last year (April 2023) we have seen the number of visibility and qualified visits (this is called in editors) has been increasing.

So if you are interested, we can see what are the profits of the self -published books on demand.

Printing on demand is an excellent option for authors and editors in Colombia. Here are some relevant details:

  • Impression on demand:
    With impression on demand, your books will always be available. Eliminates the need for export.
    If you work with traditional international distribution, you can replace export for impression at destination. This eliminates customs costs and reduces risk. In addition, you can do it with total transparency in 9 countries1.
  • Royalties:
    When publishing a book, you will receive 100% of the value of royalties that you added to your work.
    For example, if the unitary printing cost of your book is $ 20,000 Colombian pesos, you can add, for example, $ 10,000 and sell the book to $ 30,000. To each copy sold, accumulates the $ 10,000 royalties you chose.
  • Gains and discounts:
    Usually, publishers offer between 10% and 20% of profits for the author. The average is 10%, but artists with more time in the business or who have sold more books can obtain up to 20%3.
  • Sales tax exemption:
    Printed books and newspapers are exempt from sales tax in Colombia. This includes both physical and digital editions.
    How to order the impression:
    Enter your book data in the quoter to see the quantity discounts.
    The more books prints, the greater the discount you will get5.
    In summary, printing on demand is a flexible and convenient alternative for authors and editors, allowing them to have control over their works and profits. 📚💰

And that is what is happening with our physical book and also ebook that we have in Hotmart.

The question is if you write your print book on demand in the country, can you win a lot?

In Colombia, the phenomenon of self -publication on demand has experienced significant growth. Before exploring the profits, it is important to understand how this process works.

In the traditional editorial model, the book chain involves several intermediaries: author, editor, agent, printer, distributor, bookseller and reader. Each of these actors add value (and costs) to the original manuscript before the reader reaches. The author, ultimately, receives between 8% and 10% of the final sale price of the printed book1.

However, with the arrival of the Internet and platforms such as Amazon, the book chain has been transformed. Editors have created their own virtual stores to sell books directly.

In addition, impression on demand and online sale have allowed many publishers to maintain their background without large storage costs.

The authors, even those published by established publishers, cultivate their audiences in social networks, while amateur readers officiate professional critics on platforms such as YouTube.

In this context, self -publication has become natural. The authors can access royalties of up to 70% or even 100% of the sale price and own represented 12% of sales.

So, if you have a deceived novel or a story that you want to share, self -publication can be an exciting and profitable option in the Colombian literary world. 📚🇨🇴

So if you are interested in monetizing your online content and becoming someone important in your niche, write a book and you can also self -publish.



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