How we are earning money remotely.

Today we have a rather sincere post about how we generate our money online.

We start talking as we do and what each consists of.

The first way is working on two digital marketing agencies. One is called Drim and the other is Moon Agency.

The question you will be asking is how we make money from these two companies.

In Moon we leave all our services online and those who want to contact us for our services (web pages and also social networks design throughout the country).

In Drim we are looking for influencers to add them to the platform. It is according to each campaign that we choose which influencer can be in the campaign.

Also by joining influencers and people to work as Managers we won.

We continue to make money: the other way is with a platform of remote workers, digital nomads and rental of houses and apartments throughout Great Britain. The company is called Work Travel UK. (It is in English)

And yes, when you know another language, it opens a lot of chances of winning remotely.

What do we do on the Work Travel UK platform? They gave us a link of affiliates and we created post about products and services (even online work). We are also about to create a YouTube channel where we have the possibility of having much more work with tourist companies from all over Britain.

And how do we find this work? Being Firelance de Fiverr and we have 3 gigs in Fiverr as we design your traveler broshure, the poster of your trip and a thanks card for your tourist company.

And we also have our copywriting or advertising writing services. What we do is create slogan, scripts for your channel, blog post, we help you in your social media scripts and other things, in addition to our content agency.

We also have our Tiktok channel (about to reach 1, K and do in living)

Also having our book in Editors authors on how to monetize your travel blog (and we start there)

And finally and more importantly, we have the ebook in Hotmart and won for each infoproducts we have in Hotmart.

Most is how to systematize your tourist company and be visible online, in addition to winning online with several things.

In addition to Patreon and you can subscribe to our content in Patreon.

And we place our content on a page for writers called Arthii and affiliate writers who want to be in Publisuites.

We are going to detail how we are winning.

We hope you liked this post quite a lot.

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