How to make money with Hotmart in 2021: Everything you need to know to get started. part II

How to make money with Hotmart?

Now, we are going to satisfy your curiosity and explain what these three possibilities would be for Hotmart to act within the digital product market.

You may have noticed that, when mentioning about the practical recipes course, I said that I could create or sell the product. However, it is not necessary to choose to do only one thing or the other, you can do both: create and sell. But what do you mean?

In the digital products market there are three main actions: Producers, Affiliates and Co-producers. I will explain each of them here.

What does a Digital Producer do at Hotmart?

The Digital Producer or Info Producer is responsible for the creation of a digital product. There are several formats of digital products available to develop, the most common are: online course, ebook, online event and mentoring.

We can consider producers as people with knowledge on a specific topic.

Do you remember what I said about the transformations that you can generate from a digital product?

Yes, the Producers are in charge of transmitting the content necessary for this client to achieve the change that they so desire.

How do I decide the theme of my first digital product?

Suppose you are very good at something and your friends always call you when they have questions about this topic. Is there! This can be a great idea for your digital product. Something where people already see you as a reference.

But do not worry. If you don’t see yourself working on this topic, I’m sure you’ll find something you’d like to talk about, even for free! Sure there is something with which you can earn money at Hotmart.

This because the objective is to sell something as a producer, something that you are passionate about doing. It may not be something connected to your current profession, but it may be something that is like a hobby.

I, for example, love to write and could teach creative writing. Something that is connected to my work, but I really like that.

How to earn money with Hotmart as a Producer?

When you want to start creating your digital product from scratch, you will not be alone. Hotmart has created a challenge so that you can make your product come true in just 30 days and, better, with a direct step-by-step so that you decide the theme of your product and place it directly within the platform.

How does it work to be a Digital Affiliate at Hotmart?

The Affiliate is responsible for the dissemination, disclosure and sale of digital products.

It’s not that producers are prohibited from selling the product they created, nothing like that. Producers can also create and sell.

The difference here is that the Affiliate does not create the product he sells, he is responsible for selling the products made by the Producers and earning a commission for each sale made.

When it is said that it can be sold and created at the same time, it is because it can be sold as a producer and sold as an affiliate.

With this, it is worth remembering that being a producer does not prevent you from being an affiliate, just as being an affiliate does not prevent you from being a producer.

How to earn money at Hotmart as an affiliate?

But the question is, how do affiliates advertise and receive commissions for the sale of digital products?

That’s the X of the equation.

Affiliates must choose a product within the Hotmart Affiliate Marketplace to sell on the Internet. In the Market is where you will find all the digital products that are open for sale with affiliation.

This is because, as I told you, there are producers who want to create and sell their products without the help of affiliates. But there are others who want this sales support and affiliates become your best business partners.

How to start as an Affiliate at Hotmart?

To choose a product to join Hotmart, I need you to think about a topic that you are interested in selling.

And I bet I already know the question on your mind right now: what are the hottest selling topics and topics on Hotmart?

You don’t have to be embarrassed for asking as we are going to make things easier for you. When entering the Hotmart Affiliate Market, you will find a section with the products that are being the most sold at the moment. This can be a great starting point.

But remember that you must study the product and know who you are going to sell to, only then will you be able to know the pain of the buyer person and show the transformation that the product generates.

Now, let’s talk about how Hotmart allocates commissions as an affiliate. To understand this, I need you to keep in mind that when you join, you will receive a unique link for your disclosure.

From this link, Hotmart will know that the sale is yours and will be able to assign you the commission for the sale made.

So always use this link and never cut it outside of the Hotmart platform. Always use the platform shortener. Therefore, there is no error when receiving your commissions.

To be aware of all the details of the sale as an Affiliate, I recommend that you investigate: cookies, sales strategies and, of course, the best practices of affiliates to not be considered SPAM.

If you have no idea how to start selling, I recommend that you do the First Sale Challenge and learn with the experts at Hotmart completely free of charge.

Earn money as a Co-Producer at Hotmart

The third role in the digital product market is that of the Co-Producer. To understand it, we must imagine that each person has a different capacity.

Not all were born to teach and sell. Some people know how to sell a lot, but they don’t feel ready to teach yet, and vice versa. Or simply, they do not want to, they prefer to stay behind the scenes.

When we imagine the performance of the Co-Producer, we see, for example, that you may have an enormous ability to make sales online, but you do not feel safe to create a product of your own. However, there is a person who is an expert on a subject, but does not know how the digital market works.

In this case, you would become a Co-Producer of this expert and you would help in the sales part of the product with all your sales skills. Like a glove. While the role of the expert would be to produce the online course, you would be responsible for the entire sales strategy behind it.

Thus, they could divide the profits by 50%, or the percentage they decide for each one and the Hotmart platform itself would divide the money after each sale made. Making everything even more practical on a day-to-day basis.



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