How to earn money online in Latin America. Part II

Online platforms: We Work Remotely.

We Work Remotely is a platform that has remote works worldwide. It has become a safe way to find employment and also need worldwide.

Google, Amazon, Basecamp and other global companies use the platform to hunt talents around the world. Especially those of Latin America.

Like Remote OK, here you will find jobs for technology experts, but you can choose the employability category you prefer.

Then you can filter jobs only for creatives, artists or designers. You can also see the daily offers for full -time work or that offer a contract with all the formalities that an international job must have.

I'm freelancer:

Unlike pages such as http://www.elempleo.com where he publishes his resume and has to wait for someone to be interested in it, in www.Soyfreelancer.com will find the work that could demand a profile like the yours.

Among the options to earn money from home are calling for a day of an important office, to design the logo of a company.

In general, the most requested offers are in design, programming and management of social networks.

This platform is enabled throughout Latin America, so it is not rare to accept a job for a Mexican or Guatemalan company.

On the other hand, unlike other work pages, registration and membership are free. The difference with your membership paid is that you can accept several temporary works at the same time.

Payment varies according to the work but you will find options where you win 7 to 25 dollars an hour.


The video application, which competes to Tiktok with viral videos, offers money for spending more than an hour in this tool.

It looks quite a lot of pyramid, but in the digital world it is completely legal. Of course, it requires being a quite outgoing person to generate content and make your friends and followers download the application.

And here I talk to you more ways to work remote.

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