How to earn money online in Latin America. Part I.

Make money online

In Latin America and Colombia it is difficult to have a job but there are already options in Latin America and Colombia to earn money online.

It was time to shake and start acting to earn money at home looking for work options that respond to current working conditions.

Gained money from home.

How Albert Einstein said in his interviews and was written in his autobiographical notes that says: In the moments of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge.

You will find varied options that go from being a virtual assistant for hours, transcribing texts, teaching others about their skills, offering their intellectual services to large companies, until they respond surveys, see commercials and test games and programs on your computer.

Below see all the options we find:

The important thing is to create an account in PayPal for customers and companies to pay you on this platform. Then transfer to your bank account, purchases online and earn money from home.

1. Glassdoor.

This platform offers millions of work worldwide and offers both the employee and the employer reviews of the works, skills and tools that must have.

Best of all, salary information appears bluntly or early payments of any kind.

And if you are an employer, you can publish jobs for free just by registering your email.

There are currently offers for video editors, developers, psychologists, editors, accountants, publicists, psychologists, psychiatrists and even human resources personnel.

Find the decent work and without moving from home with this platform. Click here to start.

Remote ok

"Work and live anywhere in the world" is the slogan of this platform to earn money by doing what you like the most.

As soon as you enter your official website you will find a list of job offers with the average salary, the place of origin and the level of experience you must have.

It also appears the hours or days in which the offer and the apply button were published. Of course, we tell you that most jobs are for developers and code programmers, although if you seek well you will find the occasional offer to be copywriter or marketing campaigns analyst.

On the other hand, if you know English, or at least it has a level above the B1, you can apply to hundreds of job offers without any problem.


If you know what is the difference between a sneech, serious and acute this is the page for you. With just three hours a day, teach Spanish to hundreds of students around the world.

In addition to earning 10 to 50 dollars per hour, you will meet people from all over the world. To use verbling, it is best to have knowledge of English or French so that your teaching is more direct and effective.



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