Can I create online courses and make money in Colombia?

Yes, you can create online courses and make remote money in Colombia. There are many platforms and tools that allow you to do it, such as Udemy, Hotmart, Glassdoor, among others.

These are some of the advantages of creating online courses:

  • You have more flexibility to work from anywhere and at your own pace.
    You do not need to invest much money in teams or physical spaces.
  • You can teach an unlimited number of students and climb your income.
  • You can share your knowledge and skills with people around the world.
    To create successful online courses, you must follow some steps, such as:

Prepare the material to be taught, based on your topic of interest and your target audience.

  • Create an effective course, with a clear structure, learning objectives, activities and evaluations.
  • Create a persuasive promotional video, which shows the benefits and value of your course.
  • Promote your course, using social networks, a blog, affiliated marketing and other platforms.
  • Sell the course, setting an adequate price and offering safe and comfortable payment methods.

So if you have the possibility of creating your online course, do it and you will be wondering what is the best option to place your online course.

And we leave it here for the best options.

There are many platforms to create and sell online courses in Colombia, but there is no unique answer to which is the best.

It depends on your goals, your budget, your experience level and your personal preferences.

  • If you want a platform that offers you an integral solution to create and sell online courses, with a professional design, an intuitive interface and excellent customer support, you can try Learnworlds¹.
  • It is one of the most popular and complete platforms in the market, which allows you to customize your website, create interactive courses, offer certificates, manage your payments and much more. It has plans from $ 24 USD per month, with a free 30 -day test.
  • If you want a platform that allows you to sell not only online courses, but also memberships and digital products, such as electronic books, podcasts or webinars, you can opt for Pode².
  • It is a very simple and friendly platform, which facilitates the creation and launch of your online business. He does not charge commissions for sale, nor does it have limit of students, courses or files. It has plans from $ 39 USD per month, with a free 14 -day test.
  • If you want a platform that gives you more flexibility and control over your content, your design and your marketing strategy, you can choose Thinkific³.
    It is a very powerful and versatile platform, which allows you to create high quality online courses, with different types of lessons, tests, surveys and gamification.
    It also offers you tools to create your own brand, integrate your website with other applications, automate your email marketing and analyze your performance. It has plans from $ 0 USD per month, with a free 14 -day test.
  • If you want a platform that gives you the possibility of creating online courses in WordPress, with all the advantages that this implies, you can use Learndesh⁴.
    It is a plugin that allows you to transform your website into an online academy, with advanced functions such as learning groups, forums, badges, certified, registration management, etc.

It also allows you to integrate your website with other platforms such as Woocommerce, Zapier, Mailchimp, etc. It has plans from $ 159 USD per year, with a 30 -day return guarantee.
So take advantage and create your online courses to win in Colombia.



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