Are travel broshures still used in Colombia?

Yes, travel broshures are still used as a marketing and communication tool to promote travel -related products or services.

Travel brochures can have different formats, such as printed brochures, digital catalogs, interactive magazines, etc. Travel brochures have several advantages, such as:

Present detailed and organized information about tourist destinations, activities, accommodations, prices and services.
Highlight the key characteristics, competitive advantages and customer testimonies.
Adapt both to the physical and digital environment, which facilitates its distribution and access.
Leave a lasting impression on potential customers and contribute to the broadcast of the brand.
Connect with the target audience through careful design and a relevant information presentation.
However, travel brochures also have some challenges, such as:

  • Stay updated and relevant to constant market changes and consumer preferences.
  • Differentiate from competition and capture customer service in a saturated information environment.
  • Measure the impact and return on the investment of travel brochures in sales and customer loyalty.

Therefore, travel brochures remain a useful tool, but require adequate strategy and design to achieve their objectives. If you want to see some examples of travel brochures, you can check the following links:

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And you will be wondering if travel broshures are important for marketing in Colombia, here we explain that it is a tourist broshure and how to use it as marketing.

A travel and marketing brochure in Colombia is a document that promotes the country's tourist attractions, as well as the services and benefits offered by a travel agency or a tour operator.

The objective of a travel and marketing brochure is to capture the attention of potential customers, generate interest in destiny, arouse the desire to travel and motivate the purchase action.

A travel and marketing brochure in Colombia must contain the following elements:

  • A striking title and a cover image that resume the content and value of the Brochure.
    -An introduction that presents the fate, the agency or the operator, and the purpose of the Brochure.
  • A body that develops information about places of interest, activities, accommodation, prices, services and travel conditions.
  • A closure that highlights the benefits and advantages of traveling with the agency or the operator, and includes a call to action, a contact and a guarantee.
  • An attractive, coherent and professional design, which uses colors, typefaces, images, icons and other graphic resources that reflect the identity of the brand and the style of destiny.
    On the web, you can find several examples of travel and marketing brochures in Colombia, such as those offered by the following websites:
  • Tours and trips organized in Colombia - Aventure Colombia: This website offers a variety of thematic tours and personalized by Colombia, such as ecotourism, culture, hiking, extreme sports and more. You can download your brochures in PDF or request them by mail.
  • Brochure Colombian Travel Agency SAS: This website belongs to a travel agency that offers itineraries for Colombia that cover its entire tourist offer, as well as the new destinations. You can see your online brochures or request them by email.
  • Catalogs - Brochures - Tours - Colombia | Viajotour.com: This website belongs to a travel agency that offers itineraries for Colombia that cover its entire tourist offer, as well as the new destinations. You can see your online catalogs or request them by email.
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